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  • this week in inspiration.

    01.30.2009 / Miscellaneous


    10. Mark Warren Jacques shares big, beautiful color at Fontanelle.
    9. B/D giveaway? Yes, please!
    8. Have you visited our new Truant blog yet? Jess Goldfond is running an awesome ship over there!
    7. A blah giveaway. Not ‘blah’ as in boring— blah as in Blah Blah Blahg!
    6. Best. Vday. Gift. Ever. [and I’m in it! Yes!] Congrats, Sam!
    5. Our Scavenger Project book is finally here! It looks AMAZING.
    4. Home Ec. Come on, you know you loved it in high school.
    3. You love art. You love garage sales. Perfect.
    2. Sophia‘s been working very, very hard!
    1. Insanely good new work from Dan-Ah.


    • Thanks Erin for the post and for letting everyone know it’s not a ‘Bla’h giveaway, lol! Link is up today about what it’s all about:) Should be a blast…

    • ha, you’re welcome my dear!

    • thanks erin! you definitely get the first set… ;)

    • congratulations on no. 5 & 6 + 8! i love sophia’s wrapping paper, want some!

    • woohoo! Thanks erin!!

    • oh dear, I haven’t visited your blog in a while and I have missed SO MUCH!
      I hope all is well with you Erin xoxo

    • I got my Scavenger Project book this week and it is great! Thanks for letting us know about such a fun idea, I hope there are more to come…..

    • thanks for all the hot tips!

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