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    01.29.2009 / Miscellaneous


    I just discovered Anna Garforth’s fabulous work through, oh gosh, I have no idea at this point, and I’m having serious inspiration sweats.

    Do they sell deodorant for that sort of thing?

    Regardless, Anna taught second year graphic design students turned a week’s worth of trash into type. Amaaaazing!

    Link: Cross Hatchling

    • Wow! I love this! So unique!

    • Oh my god. I just completely love this!

    • nice find!!

    • thanks for sharing this…it’s inspiring!

    • this is so cool! i had to make 3D letter forms last semester but we were boring and just used white paper and foam core. this is so much more entertaining and fun!

    • totally inspiring. i think i’ll dig thru the trash and make an “i” for inspiration!

    • This is utterly gorgeous! Thanks for this one Erin.

    • I need a sentence. Lovely.

    • Megan

      Brought to you by the letter “e” and the number “10” for perfection!

    • oh you’re welcome my dears!

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