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    02.17.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Here we go again with the sketchbooks… if anyone wants to know the true way to this gal’s heart, it’s a fun sketchbook.

    Link: anthonyzinonos.com

    • I dig sketchbook stuff too. It’s old school cool.

    • ooh. i love this. i am going to re-post on my blog. but i will credit you, sweet DFM!

    • Why do my squiggles never look quite so artistic? I’m one of those people who tears pages out of my notebooks if my squiggles aren’t up to par. Sigh.

    • What clever sketches! I like sketch books too, but my own is depressingly bare.

      Note to self: sketch more now, make them good, show to Erin, get posted on DFM, have loads of positive feedback in the form of witty comments, become famous for sketchbook prowess, quit day job.

    • HAHAHAH yes! sounds like a plan dear carrie! :)

    • thank you for all comments.
      all very much appreciated.

    • thank yOU my dear! you are a talent! :)

    • Marieke

      Ooh, thanks for sharing!

    • you’re welcome dear! :)

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