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    02.18.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Dorothea sent me a link to her fantastic illustrations— I love international art, and this is a good representation of what Berlin’s been cooking up this year…

    Link: Doro Huber

    • I love the use of old anatomy textbooks in art…I feel like I want to take a summer off with my copies of Netter and Gray’s Anatomy and go live somewhere far away from everything and go to town with my scissors and make something beautiful.

    • I really like this work. It’s funny, we just went over Berlin’s Dada movement and they used a lot of photo collage. I love the combination of the collage with sketching. Going to the website now!

    • ohhhh so fun!

    • love love love anatomical illustrations…

    • Thanks for a peek into Berlin’s art world. Very interesting and neat. Love it!

    • you’re welcome; it’s a booming Berlin out there!

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