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    02.19.2009 / Style


    Ha. This would make my life desperately simple.

    Link: Design Museum Shop

    • that would certainly make getting dressed easier in the morning

    • SERIOUSLY! :)

    • That is genius! I may buy my boyf a few of those for his b-day!!

    • Perfect.

    • Hahaha! I wish I could wear this to work. We can wear white or black, but not words :(

    • yes. if only it came in lots of colors….maybe five? one for each workday each week?

    • It would cut my morning routine down by about 15 minutes which are generally spent deliberating at the foot of my bed while staring blankly into my closet :)

    • Hahahahhaah hilarious!

      And Heather— genius idea. ;)

    • LOL. I’m so getting that and saving it for one day when I’m allowed to wear t-shirts to work (re: when I work out of my apartment).

    • ohhhhh go get em, jenny! :)

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