• I LOVE this dialogue! I’m happy to have a very supportive family all the way around when it comes to my illustrations or stationery. But, my family (and friends) have a really hard time wrapping their heads around the blog thing…I can totally relate to the cocktail party blank expression!

  • Awesome videos! I just watched all of ’em they are totally Super Duper. It‘d be sweet if you could get Jeff from Booooooom to be involved in one of these

  • It’s funny…I used to be a music major, and my father wasn’t the most supportive of people…he went to one of my concerts (of probably 80-100) from the age of 15-22. This is in opposing contrast to my mother, who saw me play in my collegiate orchestra and finally understood why I loved music so much…and she supported me completely in whatever decision I would make about my career. My dad, on the other hand, would always tell people I was taking science classes “to pay the bills.”

    I decided being a performance major wasn’t for me, and I’m now loving my life of doing science all day every day as a graduate student in bioengineering at MIT (and I say this not to brag or be a jerk etc…but more to prove a point) and my dad still really has no idea what I do, or why I do what I love.

    So – I guess the point to take away is no matter what, there will be people who don’t understand your actions, and learning to respond to that, while not easy, is a lesson in itself. For my dad, it’s trying in vain to explain what I do…and realizing that he’d be happier if I knew how to weld and could lift as much as my younger brother.

    You can’t please everyone, and you might as well start knowing where you stand with yourself, and go from there.

  • Oh, good one Erin!

    “that’s different..” ha!

    My family just thinks I spend wayyy to much time on the computer, which is still pretty foreign.

    I’ve heard flak from the academic community about blogging, like “we don’t deserve to have an audience so easily.” First: it’s NOT easy. And second, that’s so NOT what it’s about. Keep blogging and doing what all of you do!

    Thanks again, Erin, for an awesome dialogue!

  • Hey Erin! Long time no chat! Brilliant little thing you got going on with the videos. Really love it. And Will and Kate are 2 of my new best friends! Small world in this blogospheretasical internet. Keep up the good work!

  • My family is a very important part of my work, allways.

    My mothers & brothers really support me.
    Now I take my experiences & family photo to show the best & worst of my family.

    …& they support me in this new step of my artwork :D

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