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    03.19.2009 / Miscellaneous


    “Guess the Beatles song:” a lovely project from Ms. Karolin.

    Link: karolinschnoor.com.

    • Megan

      I am not sure…but maybe Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

      I know one of them is Eleanor Rigby aka All the Lonely People


    • you are so good at that! :) ha!

    • this is beautiful, and for some reason, i really love that it’s been folded up. :)

    • i think so, too– ha, isn’t that crazy?

    • lucy in the sky with diamonds

      eleanor rigby (all the lonely people)


      –the last one is a stretch on the lyrics but i have no other idea as to what song it could be :/

    • ooh good job!

    • LSD!!!!!!! Thanks for that … what a great find …

    • lol, cute!! haha

    • Definitely Lucy in the Sky. I’ve drawn some Beatles illustrations before, but much more with the kitschy lyrics and cartoonish drawings. I may have to rethink and try some more serious ones as well. Amazing.

    • With the fold, it feels like a little secret passed on to us (:

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