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    03.18.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Knorphus sells his artwork through a concept of equal time value. If time is our constant (N), and Social Wages is a calculated rate (W), then the product of these is a fair price for my art (FP).

    If a piece of art takes me two hours to make (N=2), and the person interested in buying it makes $11.35/hour (W=11.35)

    Then, 2 x 11.35 = $22.70, the price for the piece of art.

    Lovely, isn’t it? :)

    Link: Sezio – Inside the Mind of Knorphus Zortorch.

    • I love this idea! Though it does seem like it would be hard to make any real money as an artist. What about other expenses?

    • not unless you sell to a lawyer!!!

    • What great comments, this is a very insightful forum. To answer some of your questions… the pricing model is successful because of the materials and speed at which I create the artwork. Not only do I keep the values equal, I work as quickly and clinically as possible to limit the cost of my art. Since my primary goal is to create good art, making money is a side effect of my art. I grow vegetables and do not participate in many extracurricular activities. My expenses are low and my art is affordable.

    • Chris— what a brilliant concept. You must be so fascinating in person!!!

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