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    03.18.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Knorphus sells his artwork through a concept of equal time value. If time is our constant (N), and Social Wages is a calculated rate (W), then the product of these is a fair price for my art (FP).

    If a piece of art takes me two hours to make (N=2), and the person interested in buying it makes $11.35/hour (W=11.35)

    Then, 2 x 11.35 = $22.70, the price for the piece of art.

    Lovely, isn’t it? :)

    Link: Sezio – Inside the Mind of Knorphus Zortorch.

    • My art teacher in college explained this concept to me. Back then I wasn’t sure if it was the way to go- but now I feel that it’s a good way to measure value.

    • very interesting. although i always adjusted my hourly rate as a designer based on my client, it was never quite this defined.

    • Evelien D

      Interesting concept! I would really want to buy one of his paintings

    • What a nice idea. It basically says your time is as equally valuable as mine, regardless of your income bracket, I like that.

    • i totally agree— i love the idea. i think it’s a lovely concept.

    • oh, that’s a great concept. i’m wondering how well it would work in practice, but it’s lovely nonetheless.

    • i like maths, but this just boggled me!

    • ha, i think its the best idea yet. :)

    • Lizette.

      That’s the way to go. Art should awesome and affordable.

    • disturbing

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