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04.27.2009 / Miscellaneous

Episode 7 is here! We’re chatting about blogs today, which is exciting because, well, I’m a blogger! Listen to a few of my favorites discuss inspiration overload, blogging saturation, and when to ignore your Google Reader.

Enjoy, and comment below to join the dialogue!

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  • i really love these video dialogues, erin! but i do wish they’d talked more about HOW to get up and walk away from it all. :-) i struggle with making myself do that and totally agree with you that you can definitely have inspiration overload.


  • Great video as always. Blogs are all over the place.

    Julie you should just not work on your comp when you wanna walk away from the good but sometimes evil blogverse. It’s tuff, but worth it.

  • Great to see everyone else’s points again, thanks Erin. Something I should have said is that as inspiring as blogs are and can be, galleries and libraries still exist – people are forgetting that, I think. I know a lot of my students just go online for research which is great – there’s stuff you can’t find elsewhere. They forget about the libraries though.

  • Great Post! I think blogs are way more apart of our lives then used to be. I tend to stick to a small group of favorites so I don’t become overwhelmed by the mass quantity of design blogs!
    And I totally agree with Craig, we all need to explore libraries more often!

  • Craig brings up a good point. People often do forget about galleries and libraries. Galleries are amazing and let you see the work up close and in detail, and are a zillion times better than blogs because of that. Libraries are packed full of awesomeness. I go to both pretty much every week. Damn fine point sir.

  • Ooh, I agree with Craig on that one. Blogs are inspiring, and they are motivating, but if you’ve got the opportunity, you’ve gotta go and see these works in person, because that’s the only way to truly appreciate it.

    Of course, on the other hand, being in Australia, I absolutely love having so much more access to other artists (and their works) from accross the globe, and the majority of that is thanks to blogs.

    As for just closing down Google Reader for the day: I’ve definately made that a rule. And I’ve found I need to be more ruthless with which blogs I do or do not follow. Unfortunately, if I followed every single great blog I came accross, I’d never do anything but read blogs all day!

  • I just found out about this site about a week ago and then I discovered these videos. They’re really interesting. The thing is there are tons and tons of blogs out there and I love getting inspired by them, but true books and the real thing are still out there and it helps to look at them as well. Having my own personal library one day, is still one of my dreams, hehe …

    One of the most interesting thing about the internet is the fact that you can connect with people all over the world and with artists you look up to.

  • agreeing with a lot of points. i love blogs, & i quite often also see all this amazing work & it gets me all hyped up & i too want to go make amazing things. i love being able to keep up with other artists & illustrators, & it’s great to get feedback via comments. really interesting points about the saturation of some styles & ideas, although i guess while blogging may be an aid in this happening, it’s more down to the individual.

    one more thing: i love that ray fenwick poster that kate has.

  • I just recently started using Google Reader to try to keep my blog-reading more organized and I am finding it a bit overwhelming! Every time I open it, there are 30+ updates and when I get through those, there are 5 more new posts at the top. It never ends! I do love getting so much design/art/photography eye candy in the click of a button. But sometimes it makes me feel like I can’t keep up, or I’m not doing enough with my own work and blog. So yeah, sometimes you definitely just have to click the X and resist the urge to look for awhile.

  • Hit it right on the nail! There are def loads and loads of inspiring blogs. You just have to know when to stop looking as it can be inspiration overload.

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