Gender and Art

05.12.2009 / Miscellaneous

Is the online art world skewed more toward males or females? What about the “real world” art scene? Lisa, Kelly and Will weigh in on the topic [special note: Pay no attention to Will; he had too many popsicles when we filmed].

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  • next time, will should dress up like a women and switch teams. he already seems to have all of our magazines ;).

    i do notice more women online, but i hope i evaluate all of the art i like regardless of gender. it should be about the work, but art is a business, and unfortunately, just like everything else, it’s not necessarily that simple.

  • Start a popsicle fund for Will. He’s great!

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  • The thing that I noticed right away about myself is that I am more likely to buy art if I know there is a connection between the artist as a person and me as a person. Often, that is accomplished by perusing their blog, looking at photographs they take, etc…and since this sort of access seems to be skewed more towards women, I am more likely to buy a piece from a woman. That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to buying pieces from men – I just don’t have the exposure to who they are in the same way that I do for women.

  • This is the first episode I’ve ever watched…HILARIOUS! Will has sold me and I’m definitely coming back for more. It’s pretty interesting, actually, when you consider the topic and then read all the quotes. Almost all of them say something about Will. Maybe that says something? Or maybe not and women just like a good sense of humor as much as the next man?

  • will is so great.
    i just saw the piece he did on his flickr. [:

    actually, you’re all great.
    just did a little catchup of the videos i’ve missed.
    keep them coming. i love getting the ‘inside scoop’.
    such an inspiration (ALL of you!)


  • this dialogue series is so interesting. Thanks!

    I’ve spent far too much time away from your blog, been too busy working. But I’ll hope to get the time to peek in here more regularily again not to miss out on these great things!

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