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    05.29.2009 / Miscellaneous


    My favorite Friday image.

    Link:  HIT&MISS

    • jejej I love it!!!

    • AHHHHHHHHH! I adore this image.

    • Tee hee.. Sweet!

    • oh wow, it’s erin’s first photo from ireland ;)! love those thigh highs. actually, it’s a really sweet photo.

    • Love this image! The roller skates! Their Can’t Make It video is awesome, got to love some great performance art!

    • This reminds me of my bf’s childhood Halloween costume, but the sheet was printed with little yellow flowers! lol

    • this is great! i had a flashback to making those tissue paper ghosts with tootsie pops in elementary school…anyone? so much fun!

    • Haha- I love this, so sweet and playful

    • Hahaha, very cute!

    • Love it! It totally reminds me of Beetlejuice :)

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