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    05.08.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Beautiful, visionary photography from Sara Tremblay. Love this.


    • I really like the work on her Flickr…there’s this one where she’s getting teeth surgery or something? I think that one’s my favorite.

    • Wow!! Her pictures are amazing, I love how she treats her them, so softly … and the colors!! Thanks for making me discover someone from my own city! :-)

    • i totally know the one you’re talking about, fei! :)

    • That diptych is just beautiful. I love that combination of objects and subjects. Always has this subtle reminder of things past.

    • sorry, i think i may be missing the point… since when was blurry photography visionary?… confused

    • ali— if you look through her entire portfolio, i think a lot of her concepts are very unique; thus, visionary.

    • stunning… just what i needed this morning- i feel inspired. thank you. x mady

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