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    06.17.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Just the usual awesomeness from Andre.


    • This Wednesday is killing it.
      Too many great posts :D ahhhhh!

    • both the picture AND the t-shirt are awesome. heck, the cardigan too.

    • thanks for the link, love his work. Is he a designer or photographer?? or both?

    • Oh! i love it! This mask is great!! i looove the shape and the color! and the tee-shirt and the cardigan too, (and in his blog, the “mickey mouse work” is really cool too!), Bravo!

      it reminds me of one of my friends work, myriam, thaht she made for her diploma. it’s not really the same, they just both work on masks and photographed them the same way!
      If you want to have a look too : http://myriamfranque.unblog.fr/tag/these/

    • oh my!
      i too want to have some usual awesomeness…..

    • everything about this is AWESOME!

    • GENIUS!!

    • more and more, I’m having these imaginary conversations with the art and myself.
      “Hello, mind if I drop in for tea?”
      “Please. Fancy a crumpet?”
      “Oh no, you’re too kind.”

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