luke irwin [again].

OK, guys. Get ready for a story.

You may remember this post, from over a year and a half ago, where I so obviously forgot to medicate myself prior to allowing keyboard usage.  And if you don’t remember it, no big deal, because Luke does.

I received an email while in Ireland last week from Luke Irwin himself, thanking me for the post and agreeing that yes, the price is outrageous. He had this to share as well:

“Thanks so much for your email Erin – we are very much on the same page, I totally believe that there should be a design democracy – design in itself costs nothing, although there is an inherent value to it, the cost is all in the construction.
It seems that the poor and disenfranchised have somehow been hoodwinked into believing things which are truly horrible are desirable.
What is lacking is courage on the part of the major chain stores in the sense that they rarely take a gamble and they squeeze any viability out of the designers.
The flipside is that I chose to follow the lead of the fashion world in that you make things expensive and aspirational and then you create diffusion lines.
Anyway, I would be thrilled for any posting that may lead to opening doors and a design democracy.
I’m just leaving for Kathmandu to put the latest collection into production which I think will be pretty good as it is a nod to previous recessions/depressions and Op Art – it is strange but every time the moneymen screw up big time design flourishes, the ultimate example being the Renaissance.
I am very impressed that you really do read every email.
Many thanks for your compliments and I promise I will do everything to make what I do more attainable.”

Funny, right? Turns out Luke is the most wonderful person in the world, and we’re sort of friends now, b/c he is kind and gracious and forgives people who lament the pricing of his rugs.

So at this point, I’m doing my part to spread the word that design needn’t be expensive. And if you love Luke Irwin as much as I do, let’s help get him into a few chains… Target, anyone? Email me.


  • ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! this is exactly th conversation my little soul craves. not to mention, that although i had never heard of luke irwin until i read this post, i clicked over to the previous post and WOW! exquisite! i am smitten. and i agree! we need to be able to attain good design, but i also agree that putting a higher price on something does give it some sort of “credit” in the world. oh, i don’t know what i’m trying to say. just that this is so interesting!
    and speaking of target and how big chains don’t take risks, i walk past the flagship target store every day, and they have opened up a new office furniture place across the street, where all the art is so blah and DONE, horrible prints that people actually pay money for! ugh. it gives me the willies. i wish i had some kind of in at target to get them to do what urban outfitters has done–getting artists to create limited editions of their pieces and selling them. sigh. too many words for such a small comment box.

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