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06.16.2009 / Miscellaneous

Yippee! Today’s Dialogue topic has Will, Kate and Lisa giving us the skinny on social networking. Hear what works for them, and then comment below to join the dialogue yourself!

How do you network online, and are there downfalls from doing so?

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  • I definitely needed this in my life now.
    There’s a fine line to networking online. I wish a lot of folks could watch this and apply it to their daily lives. Just staying friendly would change how things work greatly.

  • A very timely topic since I just joined facebook!

    My online social networking has been largely relegated to blog comments. Though I only comment on things I genuinely feel like commenting on. Not just for the sake of hookin’ myself out around the web! ;) While I want to spread the word, I do worry about over-networking to the point of either burnout or appearing insincere.

    Great points made by all the panelists, Erin! Thanks to all!

    (And, Aimee…if you’re reading this…I had the same reaction! “Will is 23!!!??? WHAT!!!!?” LOL!)

  • oh, yeah. i was appalled at will’s young age as well. i am excited to come back and see more really great comments–like a real, live dialogue!

  • don’t social network so much that you can’t make work – this! sometimes i have to remind myself to stop looking & start making.

    i’ve cut down on social networking sites: i’m now only on blogger, flickr, & twitter. & good old e-mail! twitter has been great for “getting to know” people in the community, & for chatting to them as well, without it being a lengthy e-mail or waiting for a response to a blog comment.

  • great! as always.

    very good point about ‘don’t social network so much you don’t have time to make something’

    this is a happy little note. :D

  • that was great. very informative & it made me giggle. :) thanks!

  • Brilliant Dialogue…that Will is *hilarious*…

    …very good advice from all involved! :)

  • This was great! I get so overwhelmed with all of the networking things I feel I should be keeping up with, that I end up not doing any at all. I haven’t checked my Facebook in forever. This Dialogue has inspired me to just pick one and work on that for awhile.

  • As usual, I’m behind in my viewing but this video makes me not feel ‘out-of-it’ for being so. It summed up the outlook I have on social networking as did the other comments. Great video Erin and a great topic too. I agree with Abigail, Will is hilarious!
    Another great one Erin, keep them coming :)

  • Erin – Great video here. I love how you edited it – to have 4 people talking together and it almost feels like 1 fluid stream of consciousness. Very impressive stuff!

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