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    06.25.2009 / Miscellaneous

    [Please note: Due to VIMEO errors, we’re uploading a YouTube version. The video quality is a bit lower, but we hope you enjoy regardless!]

    Happy DIALOGUE day! In episode fifteen, we’re covering artist/designer workspaces. What works, what doesn’t, and ultimately,  answering the age-old question: Do you really need a studio [answer: it depends!!!]?

    Hear from contributors Kate and Craig, along with a new guest– Angie Myung of POKETO! Enjoy, and comment below to join our DIALOGUE.

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    • sob, it won’t play for me :( x

    • me either!!!

    • Ooo, this sounds like a goodie, but yep won’t play for me either.

    • ohhh it’s coming! hang in there!

    • It’s working great for me! Love the doggie cameo! I’m a huge fan of the big blank desk. I just recently bought a dining room table to use as my workspace.

    • I think having a small studio helps in the organization department but it really isn’t necessary. I have a small home studio but I feel just as comfortable in my kitchen or living room – depending on what I’m doing. Seeing this does have me rethinking my space. Hmmm.

    • Well, thanks to Craig for taking all my excuses away! ;) But, yes, you can really work almost anywhere.

      This was great, Erin! Inspires me to want to finish my own workspace/studio that I started ages ago and never finished! Hey, the last “dialogue” got me moving in the “social networking” department so who knows? Y’all are like virtual life coaches. And, no, I’m not giving you my billing address! ;)

    • hi Erin!

      I´m currently working at a home studio but I sooooo miss having a space outside of my appartment. The good things about working from home are basically no commuting at all, which is good if you live in a city where traffic is chaotic.

      One thing that I really enjoyed about working at a shared space was to meet other people daily and just knowing they were there. It helped a lot with focusing and productivity. I can work well from home but I definitely miss that. I´m enjoying the no commuting, though! :)

    • I’ve worked from home for years. Last summer I rented a 600sqft. loft studio, and surprisingly, hated it. I missed being at home, I missed my yard, being able to whip up a fresh lunch, I wasn’t fond of sharing a bathroom either, and I actually found all the space distracting. So I sub-leased the space, and now I’m back at home, working from the dining table with all my supplies crammed on ikea shelves, and I love it & no longer take it for granted :)

    • i play office in my living room. my boyfriend has a desk on the other side of the room and when we’re both working from home we have office names, like Frank and Judy. our dog is the mail guy, but he sleeps on the job a lot. i think i could work from anywhere, so long as i’ve got the interweb!!

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