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    06.25.2009 / Miscellaneous

    [Please note: Due to VIMEO errors, we’re uploading a YouTube version. The video quality is a bit lower, but we hope you enjoy regardless!]

    Happy DIALOGUE day! In episode fifteen, we’re covering artist/designer workspaces. What works, what doesn’t, and ultimately,  answering the age-old question: Do you really need a studio [answer: it depends!!!]?

    Hear from contributors Kate and Craig, along with a new guest– Angie Myung of POKETO! Enjoy, and comment below to join our DIALOGUE.

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    • Cheri

      is it completely superficial & callow that, from these videos, i have a growing crush on craig? wait, don’t answer that.

      pen/cil, paper, any surface (at most): as a writer, the few absolutely necessary tools mean all one’s excuses prove pretty damn weak. i have to make it more interesting — spatially — or go mad, however, so sometimes i close the laptop, tape jumbo sketchpad sheets to the apartment walls, & write while standing up & moving around.

    • It’s great seeing everyone again in the video, esp. Angie (she’s so cute!).

      And I agree with them, I love a big desk – and I now have a something extra on it — a big cutting board that I use almost everyday. I love that I can just use the knife whenever I want, and I don’t have to clear stuff just to cut up stuff. ;)

      Great episode again Erin!

    • i wish wish wish i had big desk! i can just fit my imac and a tiny sketchbook and a cup of coffee on it, and sometimes the three clash a bit…disastrous! i really need a spacious studio!

    • ha, cheri! i am right there with you–on everything you said :) i like the idea of mixing up your writing routine with bigger movements of standing/walking/writing on the walls.

    • Just to put stuff into context, here’s my studio
      What you don’t see is that behind me I have a 24′ pool, with cocktail bar and sushi restaurant.

    • Cheri

      Honestly, Craig, I thought you were speaking/working from a broom closet. With a high ceiling.

      And I stand by what I said before, what with sushi, swimming, and scotch in such close proximity. Laura! Shall we arm wrestle . . . ? Two outta three?

    • ditto that broom cupboard comment from cheri! your studio in amazing craig. what a space. but how do you concentrate with a cocktail bar in the vicinity? ;)

    • you’re on, cheri!

    • I’m so happy about this dialogue, thanks Erin, you’re always answering all my questions.

      I’m in the process of putting together my own space inside my house. I’ve been in offices before and I’m really more productive and think better at home, for the same reasons explained before: the ocassional water, cookie making, and stuff to relax and get new ideas, plus all the books, and everything necesary to get inspired.

      My space is a part of my bedroom so the temptation of getting a nap and watch TV is very present. I decided to move all my stuff to the living room, I hope it works!

      Love Craig’s space, great lighting, roomy and it has a homelike feel! Congrats.

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