Yeah, OK, so it’s not Friday today, but this giveaway is so good, it can’t wait! One lucky Design for Mankind reader will win a pencil subscription of 500 colored pencils. Holy crap — you could draw the biggest rainbow ever if you wanted to. And hey — why wouldn’t you want to?

Comment below to enter; winner will be notified via email on October 30th [thanks, Tara!].


  • Holy smokes, the possibilities are endless and would make it harder to choose what color to color. lol

  • I would love and worship those colors. And of course color like I’ve never colored before. Please brighten up my world!

  • My little brother would love you , me , and the endless potential of art made possible with such colors.

    We will be sure to each create a wondrous work of art in appreciation of you!

  • oh my gosh, my roommate would have the most colorful landscape designs in her class if she had these!

  • oh my gosh. i am an art student (illustration) and i would just die for these… im still using the little set of 12 colors i borrowed from my highschool 4 years ago and “forgot” to return :c sorry bghs!

  • Hope it’s not too late to leave a comment!! I’m completely in love with this giveaway!!


  • the best part about these is that they all have names!! Its like each one is a Friend!!!

  • Strangely enough, when I was a kid, my mom wouldn’t let me use crayons. Only colored pencils. Which makes this giveaway the most personally nostalgic and childhood-fantasy-fulfilling giveaway ever.


    these would be perfect for any design student!! hopefuly that student is me!!!

  • ok. i know i’m like the 400 and something comment, so my chances are slim to NONE, but i’ve been coveting these for quite some time, and if i won them, well…. that would be extra special goodness

  • Top five reasons why I’d love to own these pencils:
    1. They’re oh so pretty
    2. I could draw tonnes and tonnes of Pop Portraits with them
    3. If I get bored they can double as pick-up-sticks
    4. If I get super, super bored I could arrange them in order going by color (light to dark) or by size (most loved to neglected)
    5. I’d just like to


  • these are so fun! it is a must have for anyone! I hope its not too late, and this time you pick from the bottom!! I was thinking this was the greatest give-away, but then this morning i was looking and those shrits are so awesome! This is the best blog ever!!

  • I may be 62, but I have never lost my love of coloring. I color the daily black and white cartoon strips and lots of kind of adult color books. My set is 24 colors. Can you imagine?!!

  • This is a fantastic giveaway. The prize is amazing. Thanks for offering. An artists delight.

  • I think this is a lovely Idea to give away the colored pencils it will help those that are learning to draw with them including my self as I am teaching myself and would love to be able to win them, So I will say good luck to all.Jf

  • This has to be the best giveaway ever. I’m like a colored pencil freak, trying to collect lots of colored pencils each a different shade. This has gone on for a year now, and this would be a dream come true.

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