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    nick and sheila pye.

    10.13.2009 / ART + DESIGN


    Whoa. In mad love with this talented duo. Can you imagine their home life? Instead of fighting about who drank the last of the orange juice, they probably have to fight about who is more totally and indescribably awesome.


    • I skipped over to their site and I love their installations too.

    • psh,shyea, welcome to my life :P

      but no srsly this is wonderful.

    • This is stunning. I can’t stop looking at it…

    • Okay – how much do I love this? I’m a little bit jealous of their copious amounts of talent and the fact that they managed to find each other!

    • Can you imagine winning that fight!?

    • Nick has been my professor for several years and I can confirm the fact that he is indeed, awesome.

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