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    monsieur cabinet.

    01.07.2010 / ART + DESIGN


    My husband is the chef of the family (and I use the term chef verrrry lightly, kids), mostly b/c if he didn’t cook, we’d have cereal for dinner every night.

    Anyway, I’d pronounce this poster “make my steaks” to see if he thinks it’s as funny as I do.

    Probably wouldn’t.

    website:  MONSIEUR CABINET

    • This is hillarious, Erin:-)

    • hahahaha! this one cracks me up! i should put this in my kitchen because i am no bueno when it comes to cooking.

    • kelly

      HILARIOUS! I’m printing it and hangning it in my classroom as I type! Thanks!!!!

    • Oh, that is really funny! Love it! :)

    • hilarrrioussss! and that is also how my house is most days :)
      he always says, “if i didn’t think up what we’re having for dinner, what would happen….?” and i’m like “… nothing :)”

    • hahahhaha!

    • may just try that as i’m not the cook here either. very fun and funny.

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