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    01.13.2010 / Miscellaneous


    Vintage Printable is a website where yep, you guessed it — you can print vintage stuff. But not just ANY vintage stuff… the awesome kind. Like this piece.

    Whoa. I’m going to wallpaper my LIFE with this piece.

    p.s. Check out the scientific and cartography sections. Eek!


    • oooh. neat-o!

    • this is fantastic, thanks.

    • oh. my. god.

    • i know, right?!

    • Thank you for sharing!

      These are so amazing, but I’m wondering if anyone else is finding the site almost prohibitively clunky ….. ? It takes forever to load on my computer and slows everything else down. I’m on a Mac and have tried it in FF and Safari, but no luck. I want to go through all the images *so* badly, but it’s such a pain that I’m about to give up. Has anyone else had better luck? All other sites/systems are working fine on my computer.

    • hi rachel!

      it’s definitely a tad slow and hard to navigate, but i found the nav bar at the top the easiest to use, depending on what category of art you’re looking for.

      much faster than a library, right? ;)

    • woah. this is so awesome! thanks erin : )

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