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  • a poster everyday.

    02.17.2010 / Miscellaneous

    My dear friends Johnny and Stacie drink a whole lot of Inspiration every morning, so it’s no surprise to me that Johnny is tackling A Poster Everyday over on Flickr.

    Yep, a poster. Everyday. An everyday poster of awesomeness, if you will.

    My favorite, of course, is the geometric bear, b/c every bear needs  a good math* lesson or two.

    *Geometry is math, right? Or is it science? Shoot.

    • i love this poster! is it for sale anywhere???

    • oh i don’t know, but i’ll contact johnny to see! :)

    • I equate math with evil, but I’d cross over to the dark side for this bear.

    • omigosh. i’d be lucky if i could finish a post-it everyday.

      but whatever, this isn’t about me. it’s about that bear and how TOTALLY EFFING AWESOME it is.

    • Haha the saying “drink a whole lot of Inspiration every morning” made me laugh. The poster’s pretty great too.

    • oh love it, too!

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