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    02.05.2010 / ART + DESIGN

    You’ve heard of Working Proof, right? If not, get this:

    Prints are affordable (always under $100), and each print is paired by the artist with a charity to which WP will donate 15% of each sale – creating what Working Proof believes to be a product with not just aesthetic, but social value (umm, agree!).

    Anyway, it’s a good excuse to buy this Catherine Ryan piece, which I’m craving in a big, bad way right now.

    Go forth and shop!

    shop:  WORKING PROOF
    catherine’s website: CATHERINE RYAN
    catherine’s facebook: CATHERINE RYAN

    • Wow, that’s so great! Thanks for sharing the such a wonderful site.

      I love that print A LOT.

    • great print and fabulous idea!


    • Love this print! Love Catharine Ryan! I have one of her other prints, and I am here to say it is beautiful! Very tempted to get this one and set them up as a pair.

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