introducing… the [NEW!] design for mankind.

You love it, don’t you? Me, too. Take a look around and familiarize yourself with our lovely little facelift, which is looooong overdue. Not only will you find a new layout, but I’m introducing a new, exciting project tomorrow, which you’ll find under the PROJECT section. Go forth!

Please note: If you’re viewing this post in your RSS reader, be sure to visit the site itself to see all of our beautiful changes!

And, of course, I have to thank a few dear people for their involvement in the re-design:
My programmer and web designer, who both work tirelessly on kinks that I can’t even pronounce.
Rebecca Horwood, who created another fantastic banner for us and has been the continued face of DFM for three sweet years.
Nancy Mungcal, who designed the sweet little logos you see scattered around here.

…and of course, a huge thank you to our dear readers who read my antics daily. Here’s to a smashing spring and beyond!

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