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  • leggo my egg-o [candle].

    04.08.2010 / Miscellaneous

    I have a seriously unhealthy affection for eggs, whether they be in the form of hard-boiled, souffles or casseroles (and seriously — is there anything better than a feta omelette?). Naturally, my pupils dilated big time when I spotted Seoul design studio Broadhong’s take on an egg yolk candle.


    • Fried Egg Candle…

      Fried Egg Candle Fried Egg Candle, For Designersblock London 2008 & 100% Design Tokyo 2008. This simple, iconic candle looks exactly like an egg fry. When the candle melts down,  the egg yolk dribbles down. After the candle burned down to the end, …

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