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    04.08.2010 / Miscellaneous

    I have a seriously unhealthy affection for eggs, whether they be in the form of hard-boiled, souffles or casseroles (and seriously — is there anything better than a feta omelette?). Naturally, my pupils dilated big time when I spotted Seoul design studio Broadhong’s take on an egg yolk candle.


    • how randomly brilliant. i’m hungry now?!

    • I LOVE the blog redesign and I love fried eggs. And I love that these eggs match your redesign! I’m full of love right here.

    • I’m eating two hard-boiled eggs as I type! Love them so much! And these candles are pretty cute.

    • hahaha you find the funniest things! love it.

    • oh erin, you are getting so personal with us, now ;). i love kathleen’s comment about how the eggs match your re-design. if you come to our place, i’ll make this for you – http://tinyurl.com/yb4ayj9

      cute candles!

    • ha — i know it, cindy!

      and omg i am SO on my way… ;)

    • anytime, but only if you wear the bunny suit, i mean the hazmat suit.

    • deal! :)

    • what a great idea! i’ve always hated how ‘runny’ candles can be; this makes that problem obsolete.

    • Amazing, best design about egg I’ve ever seen.

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