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    04.07.2010 / myKind

    I’ll be totally honest: I had no idea what a Hazmat suit was before embarking on this house project, but eh — I’m teachable. When we first purchased our home, we had found that the previous owners bolted three years prior, leaving the house abandoned, vacant — and with a leak. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of mold remediation to tackle, and because Husband and I both have serious allergies, we didn’t mess around.

    We purchased two Hazmat suits, along with full face masks and celebrated our recent purchase by cleaning out the belongings of the former owners. This part was GROSS. Really, really gross. I even found a moldy ham sandwich underneath the TV stand, if that gives you any sort of glimpse into the intensity of the situation.

    But in a weird way, this was fun. I love hearing the stories of those who lived before me, and the items we had found scattered around the mold and debris told quite the story of a fallen household. It was sad in a way, but I’m hoping the owners have moved on to bigger, better things.

    I’ll talk more about mold remediation later on (including tips on how to tackle it the right way!), but for now, I’ll leave you with an artsy photo my husband took of the previous owner’s dining room:

    I’m totally framing this and putting it in the existing space. Can. Hardly. Wait.

    p.s. That piano? I’m lacquering it black and taking up a new hobby. It’s beautiful!

    • How is it that you’re even adorable in a hazmat suit? Explain that to me, please.

    • the piano is and will be awesome, but i totally want to put bunny ears on you like in the movie ‘a christmas story’. glad you’re both being careful!

    • ew, ham sandwich! but that piano is lovely. you should def keep it. :]

    • totally going to!

      and cindy — i LOVE that movie!

    • You look so cute even in your suit! I would save that for when you paint too. Wow…I can already tell I’m going to love following you through this journey – great post!

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