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    04.12.2010 / Style

    Nektar DeStagni houses the most beautiful rings created from sea sand, bone and sterling silver. It’s like a glamorized coral reef atop your finger!

    • Wow, these are seriously gorgeous!

    • i know! i’m totally amazed!

    • These are incredible — Unique is such on over-used word but it truly fits these to a t. Never seen anything like it!

    • i so agree!!!

    • Wow these are gorgeous. I want one!

    • These are stunning!

      I designed my own wedding ring when I got engaged. It’s very a-typical. It’s an enormous chunk of white gold on my little finger (I’m not a diamonds girl). I love it, but I would probably consider parting with my ring for one of those. Is that bad?

    • omg i want to see it, melissa! :)

    • Elsa

      This is ART

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