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    art in the everyday: stephanie imbeau.

    05.12.2010 / ART + DESIGN

    I’d love to stand under a homemade patterned rain cloud like Stephanie Imbeau someday.

    • This is the solution I need for all the bad weather we’re having, looks pretty fun to walk around in too, just a bubble of umbrellas and some legs. Kind of reminds me of cup heads (this art movement by this artist called “Loco”, I think you can catch it on youtube).

    • one word…..WOW…colorful and it just make u feel happy…

    • oh this is so fun!

    • wow, this is great! so colourful

    • ah I love this!
      Although it sort of reminds me of what I see coming at me in a rainy day in nyc. The sidewalks can be so small…

    • That is cool! Ready for rain clouds on a sunny day.

    • this is amazing – I really love outdoors installations… genius loci.

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