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    05.19.2010 / places

    Oooh, Design is Mine just pointed me to the lovely portfolio of Emma Thomas, and this room immediately jumped up, grabbed me by the throat and shrieked “Erin! Re-create me!”

    It has nothing to do with what I’m looking for, but I find it just… riveting. And I’m inspired. You know what I just might do? Take our renovation blueprint to Kinko’s, blow it up, and wallpaper my office with it. A bit of personalization goes a long way, and I’ll get a similar effect.

    Who cares if it doesn’t match the rest of my home? ;)

    [image credit: emma thomas]
    • i would so do this if i could have airplane blueprints up on the wall….hmmm.

    • i love it and maybe you can go with a different color if the blue doesn’t work with your decor, although i like the blue.

    • i like the blue, too! although you know yellow is my all-time fave. :)

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