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  • wallpaper love (again).

    05.25.2010 / things

    Fact: Beautiful wallpapers are calling me like sirens of the abyss.
    Fact: I sort of hate hanging the stuff.
    Fact: I even more sort of hate tearing it down.
    Fact: I get bored with my decor easily, so will more than likely be tearing it down. Eventually.

    Fact: But this? This wallpaper. Oh my GOSH.
    Fact: I’ll find a way.

    • it’s so you. (and me) – i’ve been eyeing that for a while myself – thinking about putting it in my stairwell…

    • it was quite clearly made for you! you might need to get out the yellow highlighter and add some extra touches though… ;-)

    • yes indeed! :)

    • I’ve been in love with this wallpaper since I saw it for the first time…maybe just one wall…? Sigh…

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