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A lot of you have asked about my sponsored renovation, and how it works, specifically. As I have a few new sponsors on board (that I’ll be introducing later today and tomorrow!), I thought it might be a good time to take a breather and chat about the in’s and out’s of blog sponsorship.

I know it’s controversial. I get that. I understand that it looks as though I’m being paid to tout off my favorite companies in hopes that you’ll love them, too. Not so. In fact, I’m not receiving a dime from these companies.

I’ll repeat it. I’m not receiving a dime from my sponsors.

What I am receiving? Personal assistance from lovely people/companies, and a few special products to review. I do get to keep them, and for that, I’m grateful. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to try out new windows in my home and not have to tear them out and send them back. And it’s an even more wonderful thing to experiment with a new bath/shower combo and not have to re-wire my plumbing when the review is finished.

And sure, it’s not everyone’s thing. But the fact of the matter is that I’m so, so grateful. I’m grateful that bloggers now have a voice — a voice with an audience that companies want to reach. I’m grateful that we’re considered a vital part of marketing/advertising. And I’m grateful that we’re honest, open and trustworthy enough to handle the responsibility.

And while I will be announcing my new sponsors, one by one, as a thank you to each company, I promise to be 100% up front and honest re: each product I review. If I love it? I’ll tell you. If I hate it? I’ll find a tactful way of telling you.

This is my renovation diary — for better or for worse. And these sponsors? They’re making it much, much better.

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  • my only complaint is that you say ‘husband’ instead of ‘ken’ ;). keep being your authentic self, erin.

  • thank you, guys! and can i tell you a story, cindy? i’ve always hated the name ‘ken’ (sorry, grandpa!), so i used to just call him ‘boyfriend.’

    so, you know — ‘husband’ is pretty sincere for me. ;)

  • I always think it’s unfortunate when bloggers have to write these posts, explaining themselves and their reasons for taking sponsors, because it means that someone, somewhere, commented negatively on the matter.

    People are getting very used to receiving free, useful advice and inspiration via the internet and forget that it can be very difficult and time consuming for someone to spend their days making this available to us.

    So take as many sponsors as you want – just don’t stop blogging, please!

  • It’s so funny that you (and some other bloggers) have had to write posts like this lately, because I feel like I’m constantly having to defend the fact that I *don’t* accept any advertising or promotions!

    You can’t win. ;)

    For what it’s worth, my personal feeling is that disclosure goes a long, long way. As long as people are up front about stuff like this (not that they need to defend themselves, I just mean noting the sponsorships), I can make a choice about whether to read or not read. No biggie. :)

    (p.s. Pia Wallen, if you’re reading this, I am totally willing to break my ad-free stance in order to “test-drive” a Crux blanket for you.)

  • well put. i am deeply fascinated by this general tension in the craft/design world and love discussion about it.

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