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    dirty dishes rugs.

    06.10.2010 / ART + DESIGN

    Textile designer Bev Hisey crafted a handful of rugs inspired by diseases found in petri dishes. Clever!

    For the record, you’re looking at Cholera, E.Coli and HIV.

    • That’s creepy and brilliant all at once!

    • Wow, I like em.

    • Freaking rad is what they are! I love these!

    • oh…..ooooooooooooooooooooooh. I dont know what to say. I love the first one. I think its beautifull. And the idea is some what morbid but interesting. YOu can make beautifull things out of any idea / inspiration…this is the proof. All though I truly dont know if I would like to own one…i would just put my foot on it and thing coleraaaaaaa.

    • Oh science. I love you. But it’d be really —uncomfortable for me to have that in my home. Yikes.

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