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    06.02.2010 / myKind

    You know those people who would rather cut off their left ring finger than ask for help? I’m not one of those. Seriously. I used to think of myself as a control freak, but then I realized… nope. I have no problem putting things in the hands of those who are much more skilled than I.

    Case in point? I talked about how Husband and I hired an architect over at HGTV today, and although I thought that would be the end of the third party labor, I was wrong. Because today? Today, my dear friend Anne Sage has agreed to assist me in the interior design of the home.

    You guys. This girl is talent in a shell. I’ve never seen anything like it. From fashion to home to lifestyle, she seems to unearth the loveliest trends that seem almost… non-trendy. I know. It makes no sense to me either.

    And here’s the reason I need Anne to help:

    I know my style. I know what I love and what I hate. But what I don’t know how to do? Edit. I’m an avid collector with over 400 pieces of art, and that certainly doesn’t mix with a tiny home and a minimalist aesthetic. And I am so lucky to have fantastic sponsors that are helping me furnish this lovely home, but I don’t know what I need, have and am missing.

    So, Ms. Anne will be aiding me with the process. I’m so excited! Thanks in advance, Anne, for saving me from myself!

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    • She is the perfect match for you. I looked at her blog and think you could have wrote it. Perfect pair. Can’t wait to see what you two can do together!

    • her blog is gorgeous and we need her help, too! we’ve been collectors for over 20 years and feel stifled by all our stuff, although we like it very much. she will be great for you because sometimes you (we) just can’t edit ourselves!

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