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  • knitted eyeglasses.

    06.28.2010 / Style

    You know Yokoo, but have you seen her latest chunky knit glasses? You love them, right?

    I’m totally going to visit my eye doctor and fake a stigmatism or something.

    Link:  YOKOO

    • when I was in 3rd grade I faked needing glasses because I thought glasses were so cool (way ahead of my time, apparently.) Now I actually do have to wear them and hate it. ha! (I think glasses look cool, they’re just annoying to have to wear day in and day out!)

    • for sure! move aside plastic grandma glasses, knit is king now. :D

    • also, yokoo is a genius!

    • suits my squishy face.

    • Love this! Yokoo is a genius!

    • Oh man, I got deja vu when I saw this – I guess mainly because I made some at the start of last year for a project at art school – http://thesneakyspoon.blogspot.com/2009/06/object-study.html

      Great minds I guess?

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