• painted-driftwood

  • painted driftwood.

    07.15.2010 / Miscellaneous

    A simple concept, but the execution is magnificent. If I wasn’t so afraid of color in my home, I’d scatter these beauties everywhere!


    • I would love a summer dress inspired by these!

    • I think I would like to stack them by the fireplace like firewood :) and what was that you said about being afraid of color?!

    • ooh! why are these so lovely?!

    • …these are awesome.

    • ahh! so gorgeous! want want want. I have too much color in my home!

      on a different note. I love even through a feed of like 40 blogs I always know exactly which posts are yours.

    • i’m not afraid – they remind me of totem poles. love the idea!

    • oh good god….I absolutely adore these. I am not afraid of color! Bring it! :)

    • That is quite creative. It is amazing how people can come up with something like that from a simple piece of material. I guess you just have to have that creative streak in you.

    • I know! Totally gorgeous!

      And yes, indeed. Very afraid of color in my home. :) I don’t know what’s wrong w/ me!

    • Erin, I should take a picture of my bookcase for you and try and get you out of your white-love. :)

      And these are great. They kind of remind me of sticks we wood-burned in Camp Fire Girls back in the day to fling around to each other while singing a song whose phonetics I remember to be “A Wooney Cooney Chock a Wooney.” I could be mis-remembering that one, though.

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