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  • a progress tour video!

    09.08.2010 / myKind

    You know you’re dying to see it, yes? We’re still pretty heavy into the construction phase, but it’s coming along swimmingly. Wanna see? Do you? Good.

    Hop on over to HGTV for the full scoop!

    Speaking of hopping over, I’m jet-setting out to NYC for Fashion Week tomorrow, so I’ll have approximately zero updates for you in the renovation department. In fact, I won’t even be thinking about housing structures.

    Unless, of course, we’re talking structured blazers. Yum.

    See you next week!

    • I love, LOVE your hair hun! SO beautiful & your home is just going to be fantastic! No worries, it is going to get done & soon you will be looking back on all of this as if a dream…hang in there beauty!

    • Safe travels, Erin, and have a great time in NYC! Your hair does look fantastic!

    • It’s looking good guys, can’t wait to see the progress continue. Erin, thanks for being on DesignChat a couple weeks ago. The Podcast will be coming soon!

    • agh! The video link isn’t working for me….

    • I wish I could see these videos. :-( I thought the web was worldwide: silly me.

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