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    10.04.2010 / Style

    If I wasn’t already married (5 years! yay, Ken!), I’d seriously consider betrothing myself to the first person to gift me this ring.

    And then I’d ask for this one, too. You know, since I’m giving him forever and all.


    Link:  BILLY BRIDE

    • oh love the first one, all those pretty colours interacting with light as well as one kick ass shape…

    • ooh. I would take that bottom one for sure!

    • These are pretty! And yes, your request is very reasonable. Forever is a long, long time. :)

    • the blue in those rings is KILLER!

      and yay for 5 years! :)

    • be still my heart.

    • woah. also perfect inspiration for my spring summer 2012 color board. double whammy, erin!

    • Really, I can just take his whole catalog. Delish. I would like to apprentice for a day or two to figure out that setting–I think it must be a combination of metal-clay for the platforms and fabricated silver for the bands. . .

    • i know, right? the colors are FANTASTIC! :)

    • Gosh, I wish that he made pendants. With lab work and wearing gloves 24-7, big beautiful rings just aren’t an option for me…so beautiful…

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