I flitted about the Internets (per usual) this week; feel free to visit me elsewhere!:

-What’s In Your Pocket(book)? at Design*Sponge
-Vignettes Are The New Black at FLOR
-Wash Those Hands: My Bathroom Inspiration Boards at HGTV.com
-Inspired by… Fashion! at FLOR
-TsuruBride’s Animal Pouches at ReadyMade Magazine

[image credit: nicole balch]

  • Erin, honey… you have got to start doing something with ALL of this free time you have! Holy cow! (You don’t sleep… do you?) :)

  • I LOVE what’s in your pocketbook! First of all, calling it a pocketbook is so adorable and southern. Second, this is kind of an obsession of mine–rooting through people’s bags (and refrigerators). In InStyle, they ask their cover models to spill their bags, and it’s one of my favorite features. I keep waiting for someone to ask me. I’ve thought about doing a series of photos of people’s purses.

  • Hope you had a fab weekend! Your haircut is adorable.

    I’m hooked on your blog since a few weeks. I’ve been ‘stalking you here and on twitter’ :p

    Still haven’t had time to go through your older posts, but hoping to do so in a couple of days. I’m pretty sure it’s packed with inspiration. You have a great sense of style!

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