Happy weekend, friends! Here are some treats for you to munch on instead of that Halloween stash I see in your drawer. Seriously, guys. So disappointing.

Curb Appeal: More Renovation Progress at HGTV.com
Creative Home Ideas From Storefront Displays at FLOR
Rose-Colored Glasses at FLOR
Bathroom Woes at The House That DFM Built
Well-Rounded Week at ReadyMade Mag

…plus, a sweet shout-out from my green friends at EcoSalon (thanks, guys!).

(And yes, that’s Bernard P. and George donning their Halloween costumes. They’re thrilled.)

  • SQUEAL! What a cutie pic!!! And, yes… seriously… it’s ridiculous the amounts of candy stashed in drawers around my office! I’m going as “Type 2 Diabetes” for Halloween! ;)

    (WILL get back to your email, Erin! Sorry!)

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