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    10.05.2010 / things

    I totally need these on my wall, don’t I? I know, I know.


    • So I’m not the only one who feels she needs more macrame in her life!

    • Wow, these are beautiful! I love that she’s taking textile motifs and using them in a different medium.

    • i know, right? amazing!

    • LOVE these. i wish i could touch them! they would never fit in my tiny danish flat. ooh… a miniature version would be wicked cool. *a

    • omg i keep forgetting that you live in denmark! that is soooo fantastic, angie. :)

    • Amanda also does amazing installations I would highly recommend checking out

    • ooooh thanks for the tip, dear!

    • Right up my alley – LOVE!

    • hahahahah i knew this would be up your alley! yes!

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