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    10.12.2010 / places

    These rooms are both decidedly feminine, but how could I not take note? They’re just so… sweet.

    Speaking of sweet, my kind husband is taking over renovation duties while I jet off to Philly for non-stop design events. Again, I’ll have very little updates due to traveling, but when I return, we’ll have drywall photos! And you know what drywall photos means? PROGRESS!

    Stay tuned…

    [top image: greige / bottom image: interiors porn]

    • Very much liking the yellow accent in the second room – simple but classic; understated yet elegant. Makes me want to go out and buy bunches of daffodils. Thanks for brightening my evening!

    • I recently just “pinned” that My Heart Is On Fire photo. I love it!!

    • I’m loving the top photo. I would totally try to do that myself and make the heart crooked. Very cute!

    • I know that it’s about the hearts, but I love that they have an olive tree in the room, lovely colour palette. Second room get’s pulled together with the little punches of colour…Love, Jules

    • those are awesome! i love hearts! xoxo

    • so pretty, yes? glad you guys like!

    • LOVE!!!!!!!

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