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    10.01.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Happy Friday, friends! It’s been another whirlwind week settling in from my travels to San Fran, but I couldn’t sign off without saying goodbye to you for the weekend!

    I’ll be heading to my hometown in southern Indiana to shoot a much-delayed family portrait with my immediate family (so excited!) tomorrow and will be fitting in a few kid’s birthdays in the mix. A very busy few days, so perhaps I’ll have a soak in this fun bathtub chair at some point. (In my dreams, yes.) I also plan to peruse Will’s new site and Six Items or Less while pondering one of my biggest decor struggles: Does Minimalism Matter?

    Speaking of decor struggles, this problem solving (admittedly girly!) garage has me reeling. The organization alone is so crave-able (not a word.). And now that we’re talking cravings, Jasper Garvida, Federal, Diana Platais and this sweater. Yes to each.

    p.s. Wishing it would rain tonight! It’s my wedding anniversary (Happy 5th, Ken)! And whoa. Boldness.

    • Aw, sounds like fun! Have a great time and happy anniversary!

    • Happy anniversary, Erin and Ken!

    • Enjoy your time with the fam! :)

    • Happy anniversary, Erin! xo

    • See, in sixth grade, we just had a real bathtub filled with pillows. Not as expensive, since you don’t have to worry about caulking, all that. Just put in room, fill with pillows, done.

    • Love that sweater. I love traditional, simple sweaters. Especially Fair Isle ones. :)

    • Alison

      i got nerd-ily excited when i read that your hometown was in Indiana, Mid-West Love! haha.

    • Whoa is right! Can you imagine if an American artist tried to do the same thing here in the States? I admire the Milan officials for their opinion of the situation.

      Happy wood and silverware Anniversary to you and your hubby ;)

    • love your blog lady!
      have fun back home x

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