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    design_for_mankind 2010-11-07 at 11.39.03 PM

  • 30/30/30… let the games begin!

    11.07.2010 / Miscellaneous

    So. My cute friend Kendi is hosting a challenge called 30/30/30 where you take 30 items from your closet and wear ONLY those 30 items for the next 30 days.

    The good news? You can accessorize the heck out of your outfits, and they don’t count toward your 30 items.
    The bad news? No shopping for 30 days. Also? Laundry.

    I’m an avid online shopper, so this could be tricky, but I’m also super competitive (even when I’m only competing against myself). So I’m on it. I can totally do this.

    My 30 items are above, and I’ll be updating you in this space, as well as ReadyMadeMag with my outfits. Ready? Set? GO.

    • ha i wear the same clothes pretty often so this isnt that hard. you should all check out artist, Andrea Zittel who wore the same outfit for 6 months.

    • ha — omg i know; andrea is a goddess in my book. no idea how one can do that!

    • P.I.

      Can’t wait to see what your outfit for Thanksgiving will look like?
      Are pj’s part of your ensembles?

    • pj’s don’t count, so i’ll be sure to bring my elastic pants! :)

    • Ha! I think I only have 30 items in my closet anyway. Just packed my entire wardrobe into 2 suitcases, shoes included. Edit, edit, edit.

    • ha —- ohhhhhh that would be a challenge indeed!

    • stephanie

      I’m working on going through all my clothes since I need to redo my closet and figured it woudl be a perfect tiime. would definetly be a challenge but since i work in an office and we can kinda do our own thing i may try it. the president of the company complimented my colbalt blue flats and said how would they look with tan haha.

    • ha! go for it, stephanie!

    • I haven’t worn the same outfit in 157 days and I am not buying anything new, so i know how hard it can get. But it is very fun and makes everything exciting. You get to see the things you actually like and what you are just holding on to. I think the 30/30/30 idea is so cute! I am really glad you are having fun and your outfits are awesome!

    • […] Step 3: Read, read, read! I bought a couple books that I found most inspiring — “Young, Fabulous, and Broke” by Suze Orman, and “The Simple Dollar” by Trent Hamm. I love Suze Orman’s bluntness.. more or less, she said, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work.” I really needed that. Trent Hamm was a great inspiration for learning how to save money on things like food, and I went to work on trimming my food budget. Instead of buying lunch at the food court every day (I work in a mall), I made lunches and brought snacks, saving hundreds of dollars. I also learned that I don’t want what I can’t see, so I stopped window shopping on my lunch breaks and days off. If I needed a new outfit, I went into my closet and accessorized until my heart was content. (Chances are, you have more than enough already.. so re-mix your wardrobe and try the 30/30/30 challenge) […]

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