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  • 30/30/30… let the games begin!

    11.07.2010 / Miscellaneous

    So. My cute friend Kendi is hosting a challenge called 30/30/30 where you take 30 items from your closet and wear ONLY those 30 items for the next 30 days.

    The good news? You can accessorize the heck out of your outfits, and they don’t count toward your 30 items.
    The bad news? No shopping for 30 days. Also? Laundry.

    I’m an avid online shopper, so this could be tricky, but I’m also super competitive (even when I’m only competing against myself). So I’m on it. I can totally do this.

    My 30 items are above, and I’ll be updating you in this space, as well as ReadyMadeMag with my outfits. Ready? Set? GO.

    • excellent picks, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • thank you so much — im so excited to play!

    • Karen

      This makes me sad. I’m a broke college student, so I wear the same things all the time anyway. Le sigh…

    • omg you should do it, too! i dont have a ton of items, either, so it wasnt hard to pick my faves. :)

    • brilliant idea! i need to try this!!!

    • thanks, jennifer — you should join in on the fun!

    • Nice shot! And I’m excited to see that fur vest put into outfits! I’ve been eyeing them all season but haven’t had the courage to buy one! Rock it!!

    • oh they are so fun — i have three! (all faux, i promise). can’t wait to show you!

    • You go girl! I love your picks!

      Karen — don’t be sad. I don’t have much of a budget anymore for clothes so I’m trying to be resourceful instead of ridiculous (like I have a tendency to be). It’s just a way to train my brain to remix, like you already do, instead of shop. Join in if you want!

    • karen — what kendi said. :)

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