• scarf-hardware

  • a grommet scarf.

    11.30.2010 / things

    This scarf-meets-hardware action is pretty flipping awesome. Form+function. Yes.


    EDIT: Claire, Co-founder of Of a Kind has left a super sweet discount in the comment section for us! Yippee!

    • I love having the chance to say “grommet”

    • ha — i totally agree!

    • Use the code OFAKINDNESS to take $25 off the purchase of this scarf or any other items on Of a Kind through midnight tomorrow (12/1)!
      xx Claire
      CEO/Co-Founder, Of a Kind

    • I’m a super avid knitting and I’ve thought about knitting something in this style. It would never look this amazing but I love the concept!

    • oh that is brilliant!

    • I’m really digging the concept of really cool scarf + bag. So clever!! The print is really great too. Great find

    • Holy cats, LOVE this!

    • I love this, this would definitely keep my always present scarf from falling down each time…Love Jules

    • definitely!!!

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