• meat-collage

  • a meat collage.

    11.22.2010 / Miscellaneous

    June’s meat collage is weird, so you just know I had to post it. Duh. Vegans, hold on to your hats!

    p.s. I totally misread this title to be ‘a meat college,’ and for the record, chicken would totally be my vote for valedictorian.


    • Not vegan, but a vegetarian married to a huge carnivore who would eat anything on that poster. And then some. I’m with you on the chicken–at least it’s white once cooked.

    • You find the craziest things…in a good way and I love it.

    • A. Meat. Collage. BAHAHA. Reminds me of the Hillshire Farm “Go Meat” website/ad campaign. Yeah, you heard me. ;)

    • ha — seriously! i love meat, but the raw stuff makes my stomach turn.

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