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  • day 1: i’ve got sunshine.

    11.08.2010 / myKind

    Whoa. It’s unseasonably warm here, and I really hadn’t planned on this sort of weather when choosing my 30 items. And although I was way psyched to rock my favorite tights with these wedges, I opted for jeans and lightweight layers today.

    And I can pretty much already tell you that I’m going to LOVE this challenge. Because I can’t remember the last time I wore bracelets. The clickity clack usually drives me nuts, but I needed something extra today and couldn’t rely on my brown vest to accessorize with. Because it was in the laundry when I chose my thirty items.


    Above is an outfit for the 30/30/30 challenge, which you can read about right here. You’ll find my outfit photos in this space, along with my experiences in living with less over at ReadyMade Magazine every Thursday. Enjoy!

    • Cute! very cute! It’s warm by me today so I couldn’t rock my new shiny black tights. was able to wear a new tissue weight cardi though.

      Can’t wait to see all your outfits this month!

    • thanks, dear! i’m excited to share them (but crazy nervous about posing for that many photos! wow!)

    • I love this idea!! I might have to join in on the fun!

    • oh yes, do it! its so fun!

    • Cute, cute, cute! I love the lace over the floral pattern andwhat a great purse!

      Cute hair cut too!

    • I LOVE those jeans. Sometimes I girl just needs to be outta skinny jeans for a day. I had to throw to boot legs in for my 30 items also.

      Great look, I love it!

    • Cute outfit! I wish I knew about the 30/30/30 challenge before it started. I totally would want to join in. Next time, I guess. :)

    • love this look and can’t wait to see the rest of your put-togethers!

    • thanks so much, girls! oh you’re so sweet!

    • love your purse!

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