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  • day 6: sailor moon.

    11.15.2010 / myKind

    This boy I dated years and years ago (and for like five seconds) was the biggest Sailor Moon fan in the world. Which is probably why I only dated him for five seconds. Anyway. I’ve never seen the show, because anime isn’t really my thing — BUT, this seems like a Sailor Moon sort of outfit. Or maybe not. Shoot, I don’t know.

    Anyway, it’s officially day six and hey! I’m still having fun! Bonus.

    And now it’s time to watch some Golden Girls reruns.

    Because I can.

    Above is an outfit for the 30/30/30 challenge, which you can read about right here. You’ll find my outfit photos in this space, along with my experiences in living with less over at ReadyMade Magazine every Thursday. Enjoy!

    • Love it! The red really brings a vibrance that you don’t usually get with an outfit like that. You look like you could be walking the streets of NYC with bottle of perrier in on hand, and a clutch in the other. Nice work.

    • erin- you look adorable! keep having fun & sharing the love. xox, cyn

    • ha! i was a sailor moon fan (HUGE. i still have some of my stuff leftover from the heyday of it). And yes :D the red tights totally match her red boots. Plus nautical anything = sailor moon style :D

      loving this so much. i’m considering it, but with my work wardrobe it might get dull (not that my work wardrobe isn’t dull to begin with).

    • You are adorable, Loechner! xox

    • charles

      your lame

    • charles

      ^ charles is lame

    • wait, charles is lame? nooo, no one’s lame. we’re all friends here.

      also, thanks girls!

    • you are wayyyyyy too cute!

    • my best friend’s brother was in the navy, so i wanted to be, too. for a moment. you are still going strong with your outfits. i love how you wear those wonderful tights! i want some with stripes for some reason. hope you had a nice weekend!

    • oh thank you so much, sweet things!

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