Whew. It’s been a busy Internet week. Have you been following my 30/30/30 challenge over at Project Life List (you can get there by clicking ‘Projects‘ then ‘Project Life List. And yes, I know that’s confusing. I’m working on it.)? No? Well, you’re tardy. Detention for you.

Anyway, you can make it up to me by exploring my other Internet musings this week:
Me. Fake tap dancing. At 2am. Enjoy.
-I shared my second big renovation mistake over at HGTV.com this week. Go easy on me, friends.
-Sweet Maggie of Mighty Girl fame chose me as her Mighty Closet guest star this week. Be nice over there, too, please.
-A new home crush over at The House That DFM Built. Swoon.
-I’m dreaming of a Scandinavian holiday over at FLOR’s blog, Musings.
Supermarket asked me to guest curate my top picks, and although my bank account responded with an emphatic no, I obliged.

… plus, my Well-Rounded Week for ReadyMade Magazine (which you can find every Friday, authored by yours truly) will be up in a few. Happy weekend, friends!

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