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  • on my desktop.

    11.05.2010 / Miscellaneous

    I like to change my desktop image every Friday so that next week, I’m greeted with something fresh and welcoming. ‘On my desktop‘ is where I share next week’s desktop image!


    • TOTALLY!

    • I like that this picture is posted right above the Alain Delorme photos. They fit together nicely.

    • oh they totally do — youre so right!

    • Well you’re awfully patient if you’re changing your desktop every Friday! I–um, well–change mine every 4 hours. So at 4pm, 8pm, midnight, and if I’m still up, 4am, and 8am, and noon. I sorta need help.

    • HA — i love that!!!

    • I love everything about this shot… especially those balloons. I want about 50 of them!

    • ME TOO! they look like giant pieces of candy!

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