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    11.05.2010 / Miscellaneous

    I like to change my desktop image every Friday so that next week, I’m greeted with something fresh and welcoming. ‘On my desktop‘ is where I share next week’s desktop image!


    • Very nice!

      Really love your blog. One of my favorites…

    • thank you so so much, sofie!

    • This is the epitome of how whimsical and stressful my dreams have been lately.

      I *may* have stolen it for my desktop/motivation board. Maybe.

    • HA — I’m all for sharing the love!

    • My bf & I have had this desktop war going on for months and months now, where we try to “out-cute” each other. We put the cutest picture we can find (usually involving baby animals of course) on the other person’s desktop for them to find. Barf, right? I know. But man, it’s my favorite.

    • OMG that is the most fun EVER. i love it, and what a fun surprise to beat the morning drudgery! you and your bf are smart cookies. :)

    • i need her shoes right now!!!

    • OMG i didnt even notice her shoes! EEK!

    • i love this one!

    • I want a huge bouncy ball that resembles a jawbreaker :0

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