• paper-eyelashes

  • paper eyelashes.

    11.02.2010 / things

    These are gorgeous, but are totally making my eyes water. Ouch.

    Link:  LUNA & CURIOUS

    • Holy cow. Want.

    • Judging by my major eyelash fail this Halloween… I won’t be batting those suckers any time in the future! Sure are amazing though!

    • however, they’re divine.

    • I love these lashes so much, they’re absolutely gorgeous…but I know I’d manage to give myself a paper cut somehow!

      I love paper cuts (of the non-ouchy variety) I really miss having access to a laser cutter…it was so much fun!

    • Woah, beauty! They are incredibly lovely. I could never wear these without fidgeting constantly, but I can dream.

    • i know — theyre making me tear up in the biggest ways. not good w/ false eyelashes, but theyre just so pretty!

    • Uhm. This idea is pure genius. I want one of each please. Sigh.

    • I would totally wear this. I love it. I think I need to quit my job and work from home, just so I can wear paper lashes all day.

    • Love it. Thanks for sharing

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