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    11.01.2010 / things

    Oh, man. I haven’t given IKEA the time of day since I moved from Los Angeles, partly because I no longer live within 30 minutes of the nearest Swedish mecca. The other part? I haven’t seen anything I really loved.

    Until now.

    In fact, I’ve found all of the missing pieces I need for my home right here, from the P.S. collection. Which is totally awesome, save for the fact that I now need to find a massive truck to bring the goods home. And the nearest location is like, two hours away. But eh, other than that, I’m a happy girl.

    I feel a road trip in my future!

    [all image credits at polyvore]

    • YES! :) If you are ever home visiting your parents, you are only about an hour from the one in West Chester, OH!

    • omg really? i’m feeling a thanksgiving trip coming on! :)

    • Just went to the OH IKEA this weekend. Quick trip from Indy well worth it! I had not been since my Chicago days.

    • how anyone lives without ikea baffles me…

      on the other hand, that wicker rocking chair thing in the dining room picture is possibly the most uncomfortable thing i’ve ever sat on… sad but true :(

    • Oh hon, yes you HAVE to hit up the West Chester IKEA (near Cincy). Rent a big van (that’s how I got my dining room table and chairs home!)

      LOVE all those picks!

    • oh thats so good to know, lydia! thank you! i was thinking of having it in the corner for kid guests, but now i’m not so sure!

    • If you’re coming up to Chicago, you know I’ll be up for a little IKEA shopping trip!

    • YAY! let’s do it!

    • I’m two hours from the closest-to-me IKEA which is in Schaumburg, IL near Chicago. I’m actually going there this Sunday and am so excited about it.

      I make the two hour drive at least four times a year to pick up new items or take family and friends with me so they can experience IKEA shopping.

      Nicole…..anytime you want to do some IKEA shopping, let me know :) Two bloggers loose in IKEA at once? Watch out IKEA!

    • Libradesigneye

      The Ikea rocker is perfect for visiting kids! What kid doesn’t need to move even when sitting? Fun and gorgeous. Only uncomfortable if you are a big person who has to get in and out of the low seat – :-) Keep it on your list.

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