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    11.01.2010 / things

    Oh, man. I haven’t given IKEA the time of day since I moved from Los Angeles, partly because I no longer live within 30 minutes of the nearest Swedish mecca. The other part? I haven’t seen anything I really loved.

    Until now.

    In fact, I’ve found all of the missing pieces I need for my home right here, from the P.S. collection. Which is totally awesome, save for the fact that I now need to find a massive truck to bring the goods home. And the nearest location is like, two hours away. But eh, other than that, I’m a happy girl.

    I feel a road trip in my future!

    [all image credits at polyvore]

    • good to know; thanks, lynne!

    • I wish we had the space in the house to buy all the Ikea stuff we like. And we like a lot of stuff from them. The shelves/clock is one of my most favs.

    • i love that one, too! so beautiful!

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    • do you go to the OH shop or MI? tweet me (@harmonie_park) if you ever head to the MI location & want to take a coffee/snack break in the cafe! :)

    • oh that would be SUCH fun! i usually go to OH, but if i’m ever in MI i’ll ping you!

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